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The exact cause (or causes) of tinnitus is not known in every case. There are, however, several likely factors which may cause tinnitus or make existing tinnitus worse: noise, age-related hearing loss, some medications, ear or sinus infections, ear diseases, elevated blood pressure,  tumors, head and neck trauma and many others. All of these factors, exposure to loud noises and hearing loss are the most common causes of tinnitus. It is strongly recommended that an audiologist and a physician should evaluate all tinnitus patients.

There are many options for people who experience tinnitus. Some wear hearing aids to help cover up their tinnitus, some wear tinnitus maskers. Some patients require counseling to help them develop effective management strategies to manage their tinnitus. If you’ve been told "learn to live with it," there are many additional options to explore! Your audiologist is an excellent resource for issues and answers related to tinnitus. Additionally, we recommend  people with tinnitus visit the American Tinnitus Association website for more information, ideas and strategies concerning tinnitus.






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