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  Digital hearing aids can process sound using incredibly fast speeds

What is a Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD)?

Central Auditory Processing refers to the means by which we make sense of what we hear. Central Auditory Processing Disorders "CAPDs" refers to the abnormal interaction of hearing, neural transmission and the brain's ability to make sense of sound. People with CAPDs may indeed have normal hearing, but they have difficulty understanding auditory information.  Proper diagnosis can be made only by a professional audiologist. Programs are now available to help strengthen auditory processing skills in children and adults.

What are digital hearing aids?

 The digital hearing aid is indeed a "complete computer". Digital hearing aids can process sound using incredibly fast speeds. 100% digital hearing aids process the sound to maximize the speech information you want to hear, while minimizing the amplification of sounds you do not want to hear.






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Digital hearing aids

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